OPA Solutions

It is our job to make sure that your equipment works flawlessly. Monitoring, remote support, on-site support, maintenance and upgrades. Leave everything to us.

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Our Support Services

On-Site Support

Our experienced technicians can visit you at home or at the office and help you solve your IT problems, configure new equipment, consult you or upgrade your computer.

Upgrades and Repairs

We can examine your computer and fix it or recommend the most suitable upgrade - more RAM, new SSD instead of the old hard drive, better GPU or other expansion cards and accessories. 

We can act fast and help you with your IT problems remotely. Phone or remote support, this is the fastest way to get you going again.


Working with macOS and iOS, iWork and iLife. We can teach you everything you need to do your job, have fun and use your device efficiently.

Remote Support

Here you can check our prices for service and iOS repairs. If you have any additional questions please

Sometimes part of the diagnostic is restoring your device to factory settings and upgrading to the latest system software. In any case it is good to have a backup and here you can find some options how to do it or you can always

When we take your iOS device for repair the service Find My iPhone must be turned off in order to allow us to perform tests, repairs and order parts. If you are having problems stopping this service please

Our conditions that we use to optimize our work and thus save you time and frustrations. Of course if you have questions please 

Our Subscriptions


For families with up to 5 devices. We offer monitoring, remote and phone support, consultations and discounts

from 80 BGN/mo


For small companies with up to 10 devices. We offer monitoring, on-site, remote and phone support, consultations, back-up equipment and discounts

from 120 BGN/mo


For companies with more than 10 devices. We offer monitoring, on-site support, remote and phone support, consultations, trainings, back-up equipment, priority support and diagnostics, discounts

from 360 BGN/mo

Contact Us

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Address: Bulgaria, Sofia 1797, 5 Lachezar Stanchev Str., Sopharma Business Center, Shopping center, 2nd floor

Working Hours:

Monday - Friday

09:00 AM - 06:00 PM


10:00 AM - 04:00 PM

Service and Sales: +359 89 5214860‬

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